Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WAR is calling

"The ded slowly crept their way into the hearts and minds of just men; driven mad with the desire to know, to understand; marionettes dancing wildly about whipping, electrified wires and rusted out crimson blood doors."

This is the DED Mechanix's fully decorative, personal War Banner. It contains three ambient sounds for the wind, with battle sounds and screams, flexible chains and flexible cloth banner, plus a random (5-12 seconds) pivoting motion when active.

It is touch activated. The menu supplies an ON/OFF/DAY-NIGHT switch.

When active (ON) the skulls are engulfed in flickering flames and provide a light source.

Available at OnRez or SLExchange

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Ded Mechanix Garage begins it's life today.

I am the DED Mechanix, inventor of all things with a twisted perspective. I will be putting out products from my universe, the 5ifthorder, and it's various universes.

(EPT Archive #86752)